Yippie Project

Documenting a Non-Organization: Yippies in New York City, 1967-1968

Drawing from the Oral History of the American Left: Radical Histories: 1920-1980 (Tamiment), Protest and Activism Collection, 1958-1999 (Columbia), Alternative Press Collection (UConn), Overthrow, Yipster Times, and Realist, as well as other sources yet to be determined.

This project will document the activities of the Youth International Partly (commonly known as the Yippies) in New York City prior to the Chicago 8 Trial of late 1969. Issues of Yippie publications will be transcribed, Yippie events described and indicated on a map, and images reproduced. While the project intends to chronicle the early days of the Yippie party, it may expand to include a discussion of the effects of the Chicago trial on the party and the influence, if any, of other student activity in New York City during that tumultuous time.

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