The Wars of the Roses

Project Director: Meredith Gramann

Source of Materials: A selection of 15th and 16th century manuscripts from Eton College, Oxford University Libraries, and the British Library, as well as other primary source links.


And here I prophesy: this brawl today,
Grown to this faction in the Temple garden,
Shall send, between the Red Rose and the White,
A thousand souls to death and deadly night.

Henry VI, Part One, Act II, ll. 124-128

This site will mount digitized manuscripts and produce links to other primary source material. The documents will be reproduced as images and a transcription, and translation from the Latin, will be provided if possible. In addition, this site will explore the causes of the Wars, the battles, and the people involved. Timelines, maps, and a dynastic family tree will also be provided for aid to the audience.

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