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This is the general index for the proposed project website. It can serve as a site map or as a table of contents. Items with Roman numerals would be main pages, from which users could access the others. The Home or Main page would contain a welcoming message and provide information concerning project or website updates, and the Introduction page will inform visitors about the project and its management. The Project page would be the centerpiece of the website, and would contain links to all parts of the digital collections. Each section will have a brief explanatory message to inform users about the subject in question, such as the Sierra Club or the Greenbelt. These short essays will contain keywords that should permit a search to bring a user to their desired location. It would be designed to be expandable to permit growth as more collections or resources were made available. Each page would contain a succinct history of the topic as well as the reason it was selected, in addition to any other pertinent information, such as dates or content. Each of the bullet points, dealing with a specific topic, could contain either a large or small amount of materials, and would be arranged in order from largest to smallest.

I) Home/Main Page

II) Introduction
1) About the Project

2) Policies and Procedures

III) Project
1) General Overview
- Staten Island History
- Development of Environmentalism and Conservationism
- The Present

2) Organizations and Groups
- Protectors of Pine Oak Woods
- North Shore Waterfront Conservancy
- Friends of Blue Heron Park
- Friends of Clove Lakes Park
- Sierra Club
- Department of Environmental Protection
- Staten Island Greenbelt-Natural Areas League (SIGNAL)
- Staten Island Citizens Planning Committee
- Greenbelt Emergency Conference

3) Parks and Nature Preserves
- The Greenbelt
- Clay Pits Pond
- Blue Heron Park

4) Development and Protest
- Richmond Highway/Greenbelt
- NASCAR Stadium

IV) Staff and Contact

V) Links

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