War Bonds Digitization Policy

The World War II War Bond Drive site will focus on building an online archive and exhibit from the photographs that depict the various war bond drive events in New York. As discussed in the project management, the project manager with the assistance of the project producer/archivist will select a sampling of photographs to be digitized. Though the collection does contain correspondence, these materials will not be digitized at this time and any involvement with them will be deferred to future phases of the project.

The initial scan of the photographs will be at 600 dpi as TIFFs, and then later they will be converted to JPEG formats to allow for ease of use on the site. All scanning will be done within the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) facility with a flatbed scanner connected to a computer with Adobe Photoshop software. Once the initial scan is complete, a quality check will be done and any enhancements to the image or rescanning will be completed as needed. This part of the process will help ensure that the digital surrogate is a close copy of the original object.

Below are a few examples of the photographs that will be included in the project.

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