World War II War Bonds Project Management Plan

Phase I


NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) in New York will seek funding from NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) to digitize, generate metadata, and create an digital archive and exhibit to display the photographs from Record Group 56 — U.S. Savings Bond Division for New York — General Records Relating to Bond Sales Promotion.


Staff will include a full time project director, that is either an employee of NARA or external hire for the duration of the project, a project director, and two part-time external hires to focus on scanning and metadata creation. The project director, will be an archivist from NARA in charge of the war bond photograph collection and can oversee the digitization and metadata processes. The two part-time positions will need some experience with digitization of an archival photograph collection and the creation of metadata.

Scope and Selection

As the photograph section of the collection consists of thirteen boxes, not every item will be scanned. Photographs will be selected from each of the drives (3rd Drive, 4th Drive, etc.) based on the historical or cultural significance and interest, with the consultation of the Project Director/Archivist. The work accomplished on the project will be recorded in an Access Database.

The project will use Dublin Core metadata, as the digital archive and exhibit will be created with Omeka.


Photographs will be scanned at 600 dpi as TIFFs for preservation digital copies to be held by the institution, and then converted into 300 dpi JPEGs for display on the Omeka supported site.


1) Photographs are selected for scanning.
2) Selected photographs are entered into the Access database with an identification number.
3) Scan materials at 600 dpi as TIFFs.
4) Convert TIFFs to 300 dpi JPEGs.
5) Create metadata for original and digital object.
6) Quality control on digital images.
7) Quality control on metadata.
8) Plan layout and text of online exhibits.
9) Upload photographs and input metadata into Omeka.
10) Check site to ensure digital objects are displaying properly.

Necessary equipment will include a computer hooked up to a flatbed scanner, and a computer with access to the internet. Software needed will be Adobe Photoshop, Omeka, and Microsoft Access.

Phase II

Digitize an additional selection of the photographs, with plans to investigate the possibility of scanning all the photographs.

Phase III

Digitize a selection from the correspondence section of the collection.

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