Vice Admiralty Court of the Province of New York

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Main Page
The main page will feature a document from one of the case files accompanied by explanatory text about its context and relation to the collection as a whole.

The following bold titles will be links in a navigation panel, which will remain the same on each page.

Digital Repository
An online archive for all the digitized documents from the collection. Within the repository they will be divided into series and then subdivided into types of cases:

Case Files

  • Prize
  • Salvage
  • Ordinary Marine
  • Customs
  • Assault
  • Wage
  • Miscellaneous

Papers Relating to a Piracy Case
General Records

This section will feature several exhibits that will display a theme throughout the case papers such as changes in documentation over time.

A timeline will be developed to display the activities of the British Vice Admiralty Court in New York alongside historical world/American colonial events and laws passed to provide some context of the environment in which these cases are taking place.

Handwriting Key
This area will provide a selection of the different ways in which letters are depicted within the documents to make the digital surrogates more readable to users.

Transcriptions will be done for every document and collection in this space and broken down much as the digital repository, also, the transcriptions will be linked to the digital surrogate they are taken from.


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