Funding Needs and Three Possible Sources

Funding Needs

  • employees' salaries
    • project director
    • metadata input/cataloger
    • scanner
    • archivist
    • website designer
    • IT support
  • software (ex. Oxygen and Photoshop)
  • server space and web address

The following are possible funding needs if they are unavailable at the institution:

  • scanner or digital camera
  • two computers

Three Possible Sources

  • William Nelson Cromwell Foundation for the Research of the Law and Legal History of the Colonial Period of the U.S.A.
    • gives primarily to New York, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin
    • the organization is interested in giving only for historical research on American legal history, with emphasis on the Colonial and early Federal periods.

This organization is a good match for the Vice Admiralty Cases as they are colonial legal records focusing on maritime matters.

  • RMF Family Fund, Inc.
    • gives primarily in Florida, New Jersey, and New York
    • areas of interest are historic preservation, law school/education, and museums focused on marine/maritime subject matter
  • Marine Society of the City of New York
    • gives primarily on the East Coast, with emphasis on New York
    • interested in improving maritime knowledge
    • established in 1770
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