Urbanization of Manhattan's Upper West Side

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The following four page names will form the main navigation of the site; links to these main pages will appear at the top of every page:

Welcome to the UWS
This homepage will provide users with a brief general history of the neighborhood between the years of 1850 and 1920.

Tour the neighborhood
This page will invite users to tour various sections of the neighborhood via links to interactive maps, for instance:

  • The 70s (West 70th through West 79th Streets)
  • The 80s (West 80th through West 89th Streets)

Each period map will be dotted with thumbnails marking sites of historic significance. Those thumbnails will operate as links to related archival selections. For instance, if a user clicked The 70s, thumbnails of the following buildings would appear in their proper places on the street grid: Central Savings Bank, Ansonia Hotel, Museum of Natural History, The Dakota, The Dorilton. If a user then clicked on Central Savings Bank, a brief history of the building and a series of thumbnails would appear. The user would be able to click on the thumbnails— digitized pages of the special 1928 offprint from American Business Magazine celebrating the building as a monument to finance—for closer inspection. (This particular example, part of the New York Historical Society’s main collection, is not in circulation due to its fragile state. So digitization is an ideal way to reduce further damage to the physical document while allowing broad and easy access to the information it contains.)


Browse the collection
This page will allow users to search the site’s text and metadata or simply scan the contents of the site. The contents list will include each archival document available on the site and the physical archival collections from which these documents were derived. Accessing the documents through this page bypasses the map and allows users to search by keyword or building name rather than location.

Some of the New York Historical Society's collections to be digitized for this project:

  • Warren Cady Crane papers, 1911-1920 (includes papers of the Olde Settlers' Association of ye West Side)
  • James Boyd collection of New York City etchings (includes Soldiers and Sailors Monument)
  • Woman's League for the Protection of Riverside Park Records, 1916-1938
  • American Museum of Natural History: Pamphlets and miscellaneous materials, 1871-1968
  • DeWitt McClellan Lockman: Map of the area later bounded by 68th and 105th Streets along Broadway, Manhattan
  • West Side Association of the City of New York: Minute book, 1879-1885

About this site
This page will give credit to those involved in the site’s creation and explain digitizing techniques. A list of contributing repositories and links to their respective Web sites will also be available.

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