Urbanization of Manhattan's Upper West Side

Project Management and Work Flow

Project Team

Project Director: Shanley Peterson, Student, New York University
Will coordinate contributions of all team members and maintain project's focus and timeline
Project Manager: Nina Nazionale, Director of Library Operations, New York Historical Society
Will task Scanners with digitizing duties, oversee their work, and keep track of selected/digitized documents' status
Content Specialist: Susan Kriete, Print Room and Reference Librarian, New York Historical Society
Will work with Project Director to select and write descriptions about documents for digitization
Content Specialist: Jane Doe, Department of Collections Access, Museum of the City of New York
Will work with Project Director to select digitized items from the Byron Company Collection
Web Master: Ryan McCarthy, New York Historical Society
Will combine digitized documents and maps to create interactive Web site (similar to previous Brooklyn project)
Scanners: John Doe and Joe Shmo, Students, New York University
Will be accepted as interns based on document digitization and preservation experience
Will scan/digitize documents per Project Manager's direction

Advisory Board

Nina Nazionale, Director of Library Operations, New York Historical Society
John Herrold, President, Riverside Park Fund
Lucas Shapiro, Community Organizer, West Side Neighborhood Alliance
Peter Salwen, Author, Upper West Side Story: A History and Guide
Eric Homberger, Author, The Historical Atlas of New York City


Work Flow

While the project will be a collaboration, the New York Historical Society—due to its archival collections and experience with digital outreach projects—will lead the team and all work on the project will be conducted at the Society (170 Central Park West). First to be posted to the site will be scanned neighborhood maps from the New York Historical Society's archives along with a select group of images from the already digital Byron Company Collection of the Museum of the City of New York. Using images from MCNY's Byron Company Collection will allow for a quick and impressive online presence. The rest of the project will be completed in 3 phases:

Phase I
Project Director and Content Specialists from New York Historical Society and Museum of the City of New York will review relevant archival holdings from both institutions. They will select each item to be featured on the Web site and identify the digitization steps necessary for each item. These items and their related tasks will form the Master Content List.

Phase II
Project Manager will assign sections of the Master Content List to the Scanners. Each Scanner will be tasked with digitization of (scanning, optimizing, saving) and related data entry (tagging, describing) for Master Content List items. This Phase will be complete when all of the items on the Master Content List are ready for manipulation by the Web Master.

Phase III
Web Master will design an interactive Web site, tying items from the Master Content List together with maps.

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