Urbanization of Manhattan's Upper West Side

Digitization Policy

All documents will be scanned at multiple resolutions:

  • 600-dpi TIF scans will serve as digital masters to be kept with their original documents. (They will also be available for purchase by site visitors.)
  • 300-dpi JPG scans with security watermarks will be the highest quality visuals available on the site
  • 75-dpi JPG scans will serve as thumbnail guides throughout the site

No transcriptions will be done. However, all documents (images and text) will be described in short, concise language to facilitate subject or keyword searches.

Retouching of digital content will only include manipulation of contrast and orientation, as necessary, for accurate representation of the original document.

Digitization techniques
1. Determine which scanner is most suitable:
—Flatbed scanners should be used for photos, drawings, flat papers, brochures, and similar items that can be inverted safely.
—Overhead scanners/cameras should be used for bound items/books and large-scale flat items, including maps and posters.
2. Clean the scanning surface
3. Wash your hands
4. Remove paper clips, staples, strings carefully and keep items in their original order
5. Support the document appropriately (eg, rigid board, plastic sleeve, cradle)

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