Uss Intrepid Tagging

A benefit of digitizing the cruise books is that former crew members will have a rare opportunity to view their memories; many of the former crew members have reported that they didn’t receive a cruise book. To cater to this type of user, and others who are interested in military history, each page will be scanned as an individual image and tagged as such.

One of the problems in creating a website based around three different cruise books, is that it can make searching difficult. Most of the pictures within the books are not labeled and therefore unidentifiable, so searching options are limited among most of the images. In addition, the three books are unique in their designs, and while some sections (message from the Captain for example) are featured in all three books, most of the other material is unique to the time the ship served. Much of the WWII cruise book reports on happenings of the battles in the Pacific, which aren’t covered in the Vietnam Era book for obvious reasons. In this way the books will have to be tagged for their content using TEI. Unfortunately, there is not enough information for individual pictures to be tagged. However, many of the pictures are labeled and their labels will be tagged with the text.

An additional resource at the bottom of each page will be a box where former members and their families can comment on the pictures. This will be titled “Do You know Who This Is?” This is so the Intrepid can attempt to created better records, and eventually maybe some of the individual pictures can be tagged if and when their subjects can be identified. Search options already allow the books to be searched individually and together.

Each page will be tagged using the following criteria
-Title of page
-Divisions represented
-Main Topic (example: explanation of battles, division pictures, captains message)
-Other ships mentioned

For example- This would be for one of the Digitized pages from World War II cruise book:
-Title of page- Okinawa
-Date- 16, April 1945
-Divisions represented- n/a
-Main Topic- Battle of Okinawa, Raid One
-Other Ships mentioned- USS Missouri

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