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A staff of two will be hired to work with the collections and exhibition team at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. One staff member will be handling the digitizing of the cruise book collection. For now three books will be digitized and made accessible online via a website. Hopefully the digitizing of the first three books will prove to be successful and all of the books, which total thirteen, will eventually be added to the digital archive. The second staff member will be handling design and maintenance of the website that will house the archive for the duration of the project. A total of three books will be digitized, including both front and back covers. The three books have been chosen for their importance to Intrepid’s military history and are seen as the best reflection of what life was like onboard during the period in which the ship was on active duty. The first cruise book for example, represents the first years of Intrepid’s travel and covers 1943-1945.

Each page will be scanned by a flatbed scanner and digitized as an individual TIFF file at 300dpi and saved in PastPerfect. PastPerfect is collection management software, which has its own system for organizing metadata and is utilized by the collection team at the Intrepid. Each TIFF file will also be saved as a JPEG, which will be used for website display. Since each JPEG is about 3.4 megabytes, it is too large for website application. Photoshop will be used to alter the dpi from 300 to approximately 72. This will shrink the picture size to under 500 kilobytes, which is an adequate size for showing website details without causing problems with loading.
Although the staff will view the digitized images to ensure that they were properly scanned, they will not be digitally enhanced for the archive. This is to maintain the historical quality of the books. Few adjustments in contrast and coloring maybe made in order to make the documents easier to read online. Photoshop will be used in order to perform these minor adjustments, as some of the books are in black and white and scans may not be legible. Once the documents are digitized OCR will be used for transcription. Although the cruise books do have images, they are extensively text heavy. Thus, OCR will be utilized to transcribe them.

The JPEG’s will be used on the website for optimal viewing and will be labeled in accordance with their TIFF files, but will be distinguishable by an added j. The files will be labeled with the “age” in which they represent; World War II, Jet Age, and Vietnam and are labeled WWII, JetA, and Viet respectively. Using four letters for each “age classification” keeps the naming uniform. The year the book was made and the page number will follow the age classification. Each page number is represented in four characters, pg followed by a two digit number. The covers of the books are labeled cver. The year is also labeled using four digits. If the book represented more than one year as most did, it will be labeled using the last year it represented. Lastly the JPEG files are labeled with a j to distinguish them from the TIFF files. See below for examples

Viewing the Collection:
Once digitized, the jpeg images will be loaded to a website. To view the cruise book you only have to click on one of the thumbnail images of each cover and it will take you inside the book. The display will look like an open book, in which viewers can electronically flip through the pages. While the inside of the book will not be retouched or altered in anyway, text boxes on the sides of the display will explain important information, including the definition of some of the navy terms. Clicking on each page will allow it to become enlarge with zooming capabilities to examine detail.

World War II Book- 1943-1945


WWII-1945-Cver-j, WWII-1945-pg42-j, WWII-1945-pg43-j

Jet Age Book- 1954-1955


JetA-1955-Cver-j, JetA-1955-pg34-j, JetA-1955-pg35-j

Vietnam- 1972- 1973


Viet-1973-Cver-j, Viet-1973-pg30-j, Viet-1973-pg31-j

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