Travels Sanger Tagging

In this digital edition, I will provide both images and transcribed texts of the Sanger travel journals, as well as images of the countries and people discussed in the journals. I will also include, as a second stage, newspaper articles covering her trips.

Images will be presented in TEI format, with a title, creator, date, and source information, as well as a set of index terms that will link documents and images. For geographical and historical issues, the Library of Congress subject headings will serve as an initial guide for organization, but new headings will be made as needed to provide detail. A category of entries will be created on Margaret Sanger, that allow easy access to her views, biographical data.

Texts will be transcribed and encoded using the TEI P5, using the schema for manuscripts and names and places. The goals of transcription are to make the documents easy to read and searchable. The goals of encoding are

  1. To enable searching on names, geographical locations and organizations, and to provide a normalized value for any confusing usage of terms (for example, "the Emperor" will be encoded so that a search for Hirohito will result in a match).
  2. To provide an alternate reading for words that are misspelled, abbreviated, or otherwise difficult to read (ex. the phrase ABCL will be encoded so that the organization American Birth Control League can be viewed when desired).
  3. To create subject categories that can group documents by content, by location, and by chronology so that readers have a variety of ways of searching the documents.

The transcriptions themselves will default to a literal rendition of the journal entry. Misspellings, poor grammar, sentence structures and missing or illegible text will retained so that those who want an accurate rendition of the original can see one. By encoding corrected versions of errors, expansions for abbreviation, and educated guesses for illegible texts, readers can choose to see these corrected versions, or the original ones as desired. Readers can also click to see a facsimile of the diary whenever they desire. Proper names that have been expanded in the encoded text can be moused over to show the full name of the person, organization or geographic location intended. This will help readers unfamiliar with the author's creative spelling of proper names in foreign languages.

Documents coming from the same journal will be linked to allow the reader to go through each book in the order it was written in.

Additional images (not facsimile page views) will be linked to each text through the subject categories used for each, and displayed in thumbnail size along the right margin with titles. Readers can click on the image to see a larger version.

Newspaper articles will be treated as the journals; a facsimile of the original article in its original language, and then transcribed and translated (as needs be) texts. These can be viewed interspersed with the journal entries by date, or as a separate series.

For sample document structure see travels-sanger-docstructure.

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