Wars of the Roses - Added Value

The website will have a introductory page that will give a brief history of the Wars of the Roses and of the Digitization Project. The introduction will present the user will the tools available on the website, including the interpretive essays, the manuscripts and their transcriptions/translations, the timelines, maps, and family trees. Users should then be equipped with the information to utilize this site and tailor it to their needs.

In addition to the digitized documents themselves, several components will be added that not only aid the audience in reading and using the documents, but also will give the audience tools to better understand the documents, such as the background and context of the Wars of the Roses. To this end, interpretive essays written by top scholars in the field, as well as, timelines – of the Wars in general and of the major battles, biographical data and family trees, and maps will be added to the site. The combination of these elements should illuminate the Wars themselves and allow users to gain a more complete understanding of the context and issues surrounding the Wars.

Battle Timeline:


Monarchy Timeline:


An explanation of what documents were selected and why will appear on the manuscripts page. Brief introductory material about the documents and their context will be provided for easy access, as well as links to relevant interpretive essays. A section detailing the documents that were not selected and the repositories in which they reside will also be provided for scholars’ use.

Transcriptions and translations will also add to the value of the manuscript image and will make documents more useable for the public. Subject specialists will complete these transcriptions and the text will be searchable.

Additionally, documents will be organized chronologically, but will be searchable by chronological date, by House, by type (ie. personal letter or government document), by subject, and by text. This will be discussed more in the Search Functions section.

Links will also be provided to enhance the quality of information made available to the users. For example, the Calendar of Close Rolls and the Calendar of Patent Rolls have both been digitized and placed online. These Rolls are government records documenting the monarchy’s every move. These will be very useful to both scholars and those wanting to learn more. The Calendar of Patent Rolls includes a textual search function and can be viewed on the University of Iowa’s website.

Search Functions:

Two search screens will be available on the website. The first search is a basic search of the site and will appear on the Introduction page. Users will be able to make searches based on subject, name, place, or text. The textual search will render relevant interpretive essays. A second, more detailed search will be provided in the Manuscripts section. Users will be able to browse all digitize documents in chronological order or will be able to make a more detailed search by House, by type, or by text. These textual searches will render relevant transcriptions/translations and the links to the manuscript images, as these go hand in hand on this website. On the detailed search screen, a list of the subjects used in this project will be provided to aid the user in discovering the relevant wording.

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