Telephonic Supplychains Encoding

Content for this project will be encoded according to TEI (P5 Guidelines). The goal of the encoding is to identify relevant materials, properties, and places for searching and sorting the collection. Some incidental properties (the names of persons, abbreviations, etc.) will be encoded if it may provide additional clarity for searching the documents. Materials, because of their importance in the focus of the archive, will be detailed on an additional "Material-ography" which will provide simple descriptions drawn from established sources about the general nature of the materials, and which will facilitate faceted views of relationships between documents which describe these materials. Places will be similarly referenced, but for the purpose of providing an xml backend for the geographic display in the mapping section of the site. Only place names which are related to production (production facilities, factories, warehouses, etc.) or sourcing (mines, farms, etc.) will be tagged. Place names which appear incidentally in the documents will not be encoded. Each document will be tagged with high level keywords according to the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Sample Page Encoding
Sample Materialography

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