TEI Header

The TEI Header supplies the descriptive and declarative information, making up an electronic title page for to every TEI-conformant text.

The attribute "type" is used to specify the kind of document to which the header is attached, for example whether it is a corpus or individual text.

The teiHeader element has four principal components:

A) fileDesc (file description) contains a full bibliographic description of an electronic file. This is the only element that is mandatory.

  1. titleStmt (title statement) groups information about the title of a work and those responsible for its intellectual content.
  2. editionStmt (edition statement) groups information relating to one edition of a text.
  3. extent describes the approximate size of a text as stored on some carrier medium, whether digital or non-digital, specified in any convenient units.
  4. publicationStmt (publication statement) groups information concerning the publication or distribution of an electronic or other text.
  5. seriesStmt (series statement) groups information about the series, if any, to which a publication belongs.
  6. notesStmt (notes statement) collects together any notes providing information about a text additional to that recorded in other parts of the bibliographic description.
  7. sourceDesc (source description) describes the source from which an electronic text was derived or generated, typically a bibliographic description in the case of a digitized text, or a phrase such as "born digital" for a text which has no previous existence.

B) encodingDesc (encoding description) documents the relationship between an electronic text and the source or sources from which it was derived.

C) profileDesc (text-profile description) provides a detailed description of non-bibliographic aspects of a text, specifically the languages and sublanguages used, the situation in which it was produced, the participants and their setting.

D) revisionDesc (revision description) summarizes the revision history for a file.

From the TEI Guidelines (http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/HD.html#HD11)

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