Technical Help

I will be happy to help you with some technical issues, but do explore and take advantage of the resources that Bobst Library offers:

Bobst Digital Studio



Open M-F, 10:00am-6:00pm
Bobst Library, 2nd floor east

The staff of the Digital Studio can serve as a technical consultant to you while you think through your projects, and offers the equipment that you may need to create your sample documents. Their equipment can handle digitization of video, audio, slides, documents and oversize material, and can perform optical character recognition on your scans. The staff have been alerted to our class's projects and can offer one-on-one consultation and access to equipment.


You will need to make appointments to meet with the staff and use equipment, at least two weeks in advance in order to secure equipment. Please use their online form: to make an appointment, and be sure to identify yourself as a student in this course. Please describe your project in the comments section to ensure the best support and advice.


Before consulting with the Digital Studio, please download their Project Assessment Worksheet [] and complete as much of it as you can. This will help you and the staff work through your options.

You may also want to look at their web page describing the tools and services that they offer as well as their **Tool Comparison Chart** [ which gives more detail on these tools.

More info:

Read Jeffrey Bary, Ethan Ehrenberg, Barbara Mack and Kate Monahan's "Visiting the Digital Studio" in Connect (Fall/Winter 2007) []


ITS GIS and Mapping Group


Geographic Information System (GIS) software enables maps and spatial data to be created, stored, and studied using personal computers and servers. Any file with addresses or a latitude/longitude field—Census data, for example—begs for spatial visualization or analysis.

ITS staff are available to assist researchers in the process of designing and publishing mapping applications for projects requiring visualization of spatial data. They provide access to and training in both open source and proprietary GIS packages.

Any students whose project would likely use these softwares should make an appointment with the Data Services Group via ude.uyn|ecivres.atad#ude.uyn|ecivres.atad for assistance.

Bobst Data Service Studio

The NYU Data Service Studio locates staff, software, statistical computing, and data collection resources to support NYU research and scholarship. The facility features a 10-seat work and instruction space where students and faculty access resources in statistical analysis and geographic information systems (GIS) including a variety of software for statistical, quantitative, qualitative and GIS analysis (SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, ESRI GIS products, Matlab, and others).

Consultation is available via email (ude.uyn|ecivres.atad#ude.uyn|ecivres.atad), telephone (212-998-3434), by appointment, or on a walk-in basis. Information on upcoming tutorials, clinics, and other events is available by subscribing to the ITS/FTS Statistics and GIS Group Listserv at: ude.uyn.smurof|scitsitats#ude.uyn.smurof|scitsitats (send a blank e-mail, or sign up for the list using NYU Home)


The Web

More often than not, you can find the answers that you need on the Web. Search for the error message, the question, or the topic that you are having trouble with and you might just find the answer, quickly and easily.

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