NYU Student Activism in the 1960s

PROJECT MANAGER NOTE: My digitization project is currently "under construction"
— meaning that I am seriously considering switching my repository from the NYU Archives to the Columbia Archives, for reasons that I will explain briefly now, and further in my revised general description. I'm meeting with someone there tomorrow (Wednesday) and afterwards will hopefully be prepared to revise everything I've done thus far. I still want to focus on the pivotal year of 1968, and for anyone who's familiar with the subject area, you know that Columbia was quite a major player on the student activist front both nationally and internationally (maybe second only to UC-Berkeley). For sake of the broader scope, I thought it would be better to use Columbia's papers, and it also seems as though they have a richer collection. I'll find out more of this tomorrow.

So if you are here to comment on my description, please be aware that I am probably changing the materials I will be using and the specific event I will cover. Yet I'm sure any comments made could be used constructively when I write my new description, for I am staying within the same subject area.


Project Director: Ashley Jones

Source of Materials: John G. Mason Collection, New York University Archives
The Photographic Records of Student Protests, New York University Archives

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