Selling Femininity Tagging Guidelines

For this particular project Dublin Core would work best for tagging purposes. The project is primarily made up of images, and although TEI standards in XML would work for images, it seems more efficient to use Dublin Core standards for this particular project. Dublin Core works best because much of what a user would search the images by is included within Dublin Core elements. Also, because there is little text and the central image is most important to users it would be superfluous to include searchable text. Out of the fifteen elements twelve will be used for this project: title, creator, subject, description, publisher, contributor, date, format, identifier, source, coverage, and rights. I have chosen not to use type, relation, creator, and language. Type is not necessary because the collection is entirely made up of advertisements. Relation seems unnecessary and confusing for users in this case. Creator is often hard to discern in ads, because the artist is not always credited, and language will always be English because these are American ads. There will be some ads where certain criteria will be unknown, such as date. In this case it will be labeled as unknown. Dublin Core should allow for the most useful search terms for the images to be available to users and is the simplest and most cost/time efficient tagging standard for Selling Femininity.

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