Project Management

Funding/Institutional Connection
This project will take place under the auspices of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library at New York University and the New York University Archives, which serves as the repository for all the source material. The University will be providing a small amount of office space and IT support to the project.

Scope of Digitization
This project will be utilizing documents from a variety of collections within the NYU Archives; however the total amount of documents digitized will be relatively small. A majority of the documents are typed or printed, so there is only a very small percentage of documents that will need to be transcribed, about 3%. Additionally, the documents will be tagged for keyword searches and organized so that they can be sorted in a number of ways, such as chronologically and by department. Since all the items being digitized are property of NYU and they are open to the public without restrictions, issues of copyright will not be a problem.

Metadata will be organized within the database using TEI because of the text-heavy focus of the items being digitized.

A small but well trained and focused staff will facilitate the completion of this project in a timely manner and to the highest standards. In addition to a project manager/director, who will be in charge of the fundraising efforts, document selection and oversight of the project, two student workers or interns with strong backgrounds in History, Archives or related subjects will be required. They will be used digitize and do preliminary transcription on handwritten documents, for quality control, and for recording and entering metadata on the documents. Additionally, a web designer will needed to assist with the creation of the site and the database components. This will likely be a job contracted out.

Digitization and Metadata workflow

  1. Select documents for digitization
  2. Catalog items into a database, capturing metadata
  3. Scan the documents
  4. Transcribe documents
  5. Check for quality control
  6. Input metadata
  7. Tag for searching

Hardware and Software
A minimum of 3 computers, or one for each employee would be necessary due to the digital-based nature of this project as well as a few external hard drives to back up and store work. A flatbed scanner will also be necessary and will only need to accommodate normal 8.5 by 11 inch pages. This project will also require Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the images to produce the best digitized copies, and a database software for organizing the metadata and the images.

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