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A detailed timeline will be one of the primary access point to the documents,which will span the conflict in Vietnam from the fall of Dien Bien Phu in 1956 to the US withdrawal in 1975 in order to best contextualize these documents in an easy and visual presentation. However, the main focus and most detailed part of the chronology will be the period covered in the documents from 1967-1972. The timeline will cover important events on a national level and specific to NYU throughout this period. Links will be provided to each of the documents from this chronology. The reason for presenting this in timeline form is to better contextualize the documents being presented. Covering most of the span of time when the US was involved in Vietnam shows the build up of tension nationally and within NYU. The timeline will be set up horizontally and broken into chunks of time for easy viewing.

Additionally, all the documents will be accessible through a separate page that has a list of all the documents in chronological order with the date, title, and a brief description listed. The documents will also be searchable by keywords and subjects and links to documents will also be found at the bottom of the pages that describe the individuals and groups involved.

Example of document listing:

9 September 1969, From Harold Whiteman To Miguel De CaprilesWhiteman contacts the university general counsel concerning the legality of terminating the ROTC program.

A link to the text only version of the timeline will likewise be available from the timeline page.


The goal with presenting these documents is to contextualize them with little to no annotation in the documents. All documents will have a brief heading and, where necessary, there will be annotations with a pop up of the information on the side of the documents and footnotes listed at the bottom so that they are searchable.

Identification Data

There will be a page devoted to the major players and decision makers with a picture and very basic ID and if visitors want to learn more and see directly what documents are related to them, they can click on their names. Individuals will be listed alphabetically because there are not an overwelming number of significant people involved. There will likewise be a page for the groups and departments/offices involved set up with the same structure and listed alphabetically.


Considering the plethora of acronyms used by the student groups, military, and university there will a glossary to define these terms with links to the identification pages if applicable (for example, FAS—Faculty of Arts and Sciences would be linked to their identification page.


Since the documents will all be transcribed, a basic keyword search will be available on the sidebar which can search the entire site or just the documents (there will be a click box for each option with the document search as the default.) There will also be an advanced search page which will provide a few different options on how the documents can be searched:

These two will have drop down lists with options:

  • Search people (sender (of message), receiver (of message), mentioned in the document, or any combination)
  • Search departments, organizations, offices (sent, received, mentioned in the document, or any combination)

When searching by subject, there will be a listing on the page of available categories.

  • By Subject (list of subject names will be listed, which will be made up of terms that appear frequently or are important.) While we will not utilize the LOC Authority Headings because of the narrow scope and specificity of the project, we will consult books and other websites on this period to assist in developing a comprehensive listing.
  • Examples include:
    • Departments:Military Science Department, Office of the President, Office of the Vice
    • Chancellor of Student Affairs,
    • People: Miguel DeCapriles, Harold Whiteman,
    • Titles: Chancellor of Student Affairs, General Counsel, President
    • Groups: Army, Air Force, SDS, FAS
    • Terms: protests, maneuvers, bills
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