Roman Vishniac Added

Added Value:

Introduction; Biography; Timeline; Map; Bibliography

On the main page, there will be a brief summary providing information about Roman Vishniac and his work as a photographer. There will be a link to a separate page that will provide further biographical information. This information will elucidate some of Vishniac’s intentions (especially in the photographs of Eastern European Jewish ghettos) that are embedded in a great deal of his work. To make the information in this section visually accessible, I would like to include an interactive timeline that will highlight major phases or transitions in his trajectory as an artist. The timeline would not only mark some of the personal aspects of his life history (for example, when he came to America and where/when he was interned during WW2), but it would also document important moments in his professional development such as his exhibits, publications, and work as a teacher. The timeline would be interactive so that website users can click on specific years to view information conveying where Vishniac was located and what he was working on in those years. This page would also include a map of Eastern Europe that would highlight some of the cities and rural regions that Vishniac photographed (specifically Cracow, Warsaw, Berlin, and Carpathian villages near the mountains. On the “Resources for Researchers” section of the website, I will include a bibliography listing Vishniac’s publications. The bibliography will also include secondary sources, specifically scholarly articles, about Vishniac’s work.

Search Screen:

Researchers will be able to browse and search the collection. The search screen will be organized in the following way:

  • Search Box
    • Advanced Search
      • By Publication
      • By Genre
      • By Image Location
      • By Time Range
      • By Location of Print

The search box will allow researchers to do a general search so that any word they type in that has been tagged in the metadata will appear. To limit the results, researchers will be able to use the advanced search option to browse the collection according to publication, genre, image location, time range, and by location of print. There will be a drop down menu for each of these categories.

For instance, for publication the options would include:

* Polish Jews
* The Concerned Photographer
* A Vanished World
* To Give Them Light
* Children of a Vanished World
* Unpublished prints

For Genre, the options would include:

* Jewish/ E. Europe
* Europe (personal travel)
* Science—animal
* Science—micro biology
* Studio Portraits
* America 1940s
* Vishniac’s Family
* Portraits of Roman Vishniac

Website users will be able to use the drop down menus in several categories in one search so that they can receive a more narrow set of results. This means that if a user were to select The Concerned Photographer as the publication, Science—micro biology as the genre, and ICP as the location of print, they could find out which science (micro biology) photographs from ICP's collection are included in the book The Concerned Photographer.

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