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Content Management Systems


Data Mining & Text Analysis

Designing Websites

Digital History Websites

Digitizing Audio

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Digitizing Video

Digital Publishing Platforms

Document-based websites

Fundraising for Digitization Projects

Metadata and Markup Standards

Online digitization journals

Online discussion lists and blogs

Oral History


Preservation Issues

Primary Source Help

Quality Control/User Testings

Jakob Nielsen, "Usability Testing with 5 Users," Mar. 19, 2000. []

Social Networking

  • "Profiling Social Networks: A Social Tagging Perspective" by Ying Ding and Elin K. Jacob, Indiana University; James Caverlee, Texas A&M University; Michael Fried, University of Innsbruck, Austria; and Zhixiong Zhang, Chinese Academy of ScienceD-Lib Magazine


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WikiDot Help

XML Encoding

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