Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan

The website archive & exhibit will be sponsored by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. The Library will provide principal funding and will make available they’re extensive archive holdings. The site will also work in collaboration with ©The History Channel, which will allow us to license some of their extensive Reagan-related video sans usage fee. Additional partners will be the US National Archives, Library of Congress, and the Cold War Museum.

The total budget for development & maintenance is $3,000,000 over ten years.

Our development budget of $500,000 to launch the initial exhibit (SDI) will allow for staffing and necessary hardware & software acquisition, plus support. The site will use advanced mapping & metadata tagging to allow user to search audio/video, photos, and text documents.

The maintenance budget of $100,000 annually when not developing a new exhibit. When preparing to launch each new exhibit, the yearly budget will increase for $250,000.

Detailed breakdown is as follows:
Year 1 total: $500,000 (initial set up of technical framework & hardware acquisition + full staff to develop & launch the 1st exhibit)
Year 2 total: $100,000 (site maintenance & staff)
Year 3 total: $250,000 (development & launch of 2nd exhibit)
Year 4 total: $100,000 (site maintenance & staff)
Year 5 total: $250,000 (development & launch of our 3rd exhibit)
Year 6 total: $100,000 (site maintenance & staff)
Year 7 total: $250,000 (development & launch of our 4th exhibit)
Year 8 total: $100,000 (site maintenance & staff)
Year 9 total: $250,000 (development & launch of our 5th exhibit)
Year 10 total: 100,000 (site maintenance & staff)

Specifics breakdown to be provided by:
Supplies | Materials
Other | Indirect costs

PROJECT TOTAL: $3 million dollars.

*This permanent exhibit will be written in XML and feature an interactive timeline interface design. A volunteer IT grad student will test website links/functions every six months.

Video: We will utilize a video content delivery server such as to host Flash video and Media Player & provide the user w/ three viewing options —
- Med: full screen, enhanced resolution
- Low: default (low resolution) “400/300” experience

Photos: For the Archive repository photo's iloaded as Tiffs @ 600 dpi and will be tagged w/ key words & a full description. User can also view as J-Pegs @ 300 dpi via the Timeline exhibit . Color photos will be digitized & displayed in color. B&W photos will be loaded in b/w for Archive but displayed in greyscale for effect on the Timeline exhibit.

Text: Loaded as PDF files at full resolution for the Archive and will be displayed as such in the Timeline exhibit. Each doc will be transcribed in Word and linked to original scan – search will analyze language throughout entire document.

*Being that all written documents were produced in the modern era we will utilize a basic manually typed transcription standard. Where a word/phrase is not clear the transcriber will consult both researcher Archivist or project manager for consensus, then insert chosen word in parathesis to denote a judgement call & thus potential for error.

All photo/text content will be scanned via machine model Epson 3200

Archive might possibly employ a basic ad based support model such as Google Adsense.

Staffing for Development & Launch years: (all full time) —
- Project Director will oversee all aspects of production, including content acquisition & editorial control
- Project Manager will monitor budget and ensure delivery schedule is adhered to
- Research Archivist will search, identify, & assess all content for possible inclusion in exhibit/archive
- Programmer will map site and write search code
- Creative Director/graphic designer will design web site
- Writer (a content specialist) will write text to provide context & analysis for all exhibit media
- Video encoder (digitizer) will load all source video
- Production Assistant will perform transcription duties as well as basic administration
- An informal advisory board will meet periodically to perform editorial oversight
- Rights Supervisor will manage all copyright issues/standards

Staffing for live site during maintenance years: (all part time) —
- Project Manager will oversee all aspects of exhibit/archive, including budget
- Associate Producer will provide quality control & ongoing maintenance
- Production Assistant will attend to basic admin & user feedback

Operations: will contract a managed service provider to host video & audio media.
- Video will be loaded from tape and digitally converted to a raw file to be run through either Avid or Final Cut systems. Video will be sent via low-rez Quicktime Mpeg-4 file to be stored on host server. Viewer will access streaming video — due to both copyright and bandwith storage (cost) issues there will be no download video option.
- Audio will be loaded @ 96 KHZ / 24 bit rate and played back (again via streaming) as either of wave file (PC's) or AIF (Mac).
- Text will be

*Only after all of the planned exhibits are launched (approx. 10 years) and we're able to demonstrate a considerable measure of success will we perhaps consider building a proprietory database infrastucture and host all of our media on a dedicated server.

TOTAL MEDIA HOLDINGS per exhibit (est.): 20 video clips, 50 photos, 120 image/text documents.
Our website Intro page will feature a photo slide show w/ audio montage overlay (period & content applicable Reagan photos/speeches in the public domain only)
*Viewer can skip and enter the site immediately if he/she chooses…

Home page’s main feature will be a “Star Wars” Timeline Exhibit but a search field will also feature prominently as any entry point into the Archive repository.


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