Project Management Workflow

The New York University Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman Paper project will likely be 70% finished at the end of the one year. This would include all documents scanned in, metadata creation and uploaded to web archive. The project would not include fully formulated web content/exhibition plan. In order to reach this goal three full-time positions and three part-time positions will be required. All part-time positions can be student workers who will be supervised.

The NYU Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman Paper project will be partnering with the Cal Berkley Emma Goldman papers. The purpose of the project is to update and add to the existing digital material available on the web. Partial funding will come from both Cal Berkley as well as NYU in addition to the grant provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Full-Time Positions
Project Director/Manager - Global lead on the project, responsible for liaising with other institutions and creating/maintaining relationships with possible donors and vested interests. Responsible for identifying and setting all long term goals/tasks.Task leader on project, responsible for coordination and delegation of all short term goals/tasks.
Project Archivist - Responsible for overall organization and description of materials as well creating a consistent naming and saving convention. Defines metadata criteria. Responsible for all quality control.
Content Specialist/Public Historian - Historical lead on project. Responsible for validation and interpretation of the content as well as clarification and final approval of transcriptions. This position will be responsible for web exhibits and content beyond the archive.

Part-Time Positions
Scanning Technician - Responsible for scanning in originals, works closely with Project Archivist and Project Manger to execute archival tasks such as saving, processing and naming.
Web Developer/Programmer - Technical lead on project. Responsible for design and usability of site. Responsible to work with scanning tech and archivist to properly upload the scanned in image to the web site. Responsible for touch ups of digital scan if necessary.
Transcriptions Tech- Responsible for first round of transcriptions.

Digitization of Materials
All scanning will be done using a flat scanner. Everything will be scanned in at 300 dpi or higher. Depending on the document (photo, letter etc), scanning will be a mix of PDF and JPEG formats.

1. Document survey and selection
2. Document selections put into database, either Excel or Access with unique reference ID
3. Scanning documents at 600 dpi as Tiff (archival copy)
4. Save documents as either PDF or JPG, depends on use for site
5. Image fixing, if necessary- photoshop
6. Transcription (if needed)
7. Metadata/Collection/Tagging
8. QA/QC
9. Draft Exhibit/Web content creation
10. Upload to web site
11. Back up of digital content every night-both on server and on external drive

Hardware and Software
Computer (Mac preferably), Scanner, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, external hard drive and Omeka.

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