Project Management and Workflow

Project Management and Workflow

This project will be split up into two separate areas: archival and technical. The first priorities for this project are on the archival end. The nature of this project brings together documents from several sources, so this most important step it to choose which ads to include on the website. To accomplish this several interns will be hired to do research into which repositories have holdings of ads from the magazines we have chosen to take from and e-mail these repositories about their willingness to contribute. Then a panel of archivists will examine the willing repositories' collections and choose out final ads by our selection criteria. Five archivists will be hired to be on this panel as well as work on the whatever processing cannot be handled by our interns. Once again because this site takes a compilation of sources from several repositories many of the documents will have already been processed. However, it will be necessary to create a database of the articles with the metadata provided by its repository as well as notes of the repository and collection from whence it came, so that proper credit can be given on the website. This data entry work can also be handled by interns.

Copyright laws will also be an issue with this project. Someone will be hired specifically with the responsibility of researching and contacting copyright holders of ads that are not yet outside of copyright. Once the copyright is cleared, the next step is digitization. This will be handled in house. Training in digitization practices will be provided to the archivists, and digitization experience will be considered a plus when hiring the staff. Where appropriate the interns will assist. One Head of Digitization will be hired to manage this part of the project. This person will have significant experience in digitization projects.

The technical side of the project will also have a technical manager to make sure the website production is running smoothly. There will be a web designer, who will meet with the project manager to design a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing site.There will be two people hired to work on image correction One individual will be hired to write any of the text that appears on the site. Finally, there will be an employee in charge of quality control, who checks each page on the website as it is completed.

In as many cases as possible I would hire individuals who have the capability to complete more than one of these task. This would save money and resources. Also, having a clear chain of command, who meet regularly and have effective communication will keep the project running smoothly and as a cohesive whole.

Chain of Command

Project Manager
Digitization Manager,Technical Manager
Digital Archivists,Processing Archivists,Web designer, Web Content Writer,Quality Control

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