Past Projects
Project Creator Image Semester
Advertisements from the American Jewess Project Gabby Goldberg amjewess_cover.jpg Spring 2008
African-American Soldiers in the Spanish Civil War Hayley Roberts law-oliver.jpg Spring 2009
America's Cold War Triumph Joe Egan Presidentreagan-small.jpg Spring 2008
Asian/Pacific American Women involved in the Social Movements in New York I. Emily Chu medium.jpg Spring 2008
The Henry Barnard Papers Digitization Project Zachary Dabbs 7_B11_F2_Barnard_1893_Image_p.1_v.2.jpg Spring 2008
The Bertillon Project B. Griffith iii_c_123a.jpg Spring 2008
Brooklyn Sports Keara Duggan Tennis_Playing.jpg Spring 2009
Edwin Berry Burgum Elizabeth Banks academic_freedom.jpg Spring 2009
The Columbia Crisis of 1968 Ashley Jones fight.jpg Spring 2009
Conflict On New York's Waterfront, 1945-1959 Craig Savino 2309590132_66cfef7c6b.jpg Spring 2008
Digital Chinatown Daniel Kim 3449045056_549143557b.jpg Spring 2010
Amelia Earhart Project Alieh Zamany EarhartPic.jpg Spring 2008
The Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman Papers Nicole DeRise eg24.jpg Spring 2010
Historians on Trial Kate Dundon testimony Spring 2009
Intrepid Cruise Books Norma Jean Garriton JetA-1955-pg35-j.jpg Spring 2009
Jersey City 1910 Adina Langer Post_Office_1_enlarged.jpg Spring 2008
Locust Grove Diaries Dennis Riley medium.jpg Spring 2010
Maritime Blueprints before 1923 Daniel Michelson framedbp.jpg Spring 2010
Maryland Historical Society AV Collection Siobhan Hagan CIMG0027.jpg Spring 2010
NYU Campus Expansion and Architecture in the 1960s Laura Zeccardi bobst.jpg Spring 2008
NYU Football Programs Pete B. Asch footballprogram.jpg Spring 2009
The Archives of the Philolexian Society Tamar Zeffern surgamac5.jpg Spring 2008
ROTC and Anti-War Sentiment at NYU Lindsay Dumas COLLEGES-articleLarge.jpg Spring 2009
Sag Harbor's Old Burying Ground: A Community Mirror Andrea Meyer oldbuyingground3.jpg Spring 2010
Selling Femininity: Women in Advertising Caitlin Hahn 205201766_a00b4edceb.jpg Spring 2010
Staten Island Environmental and Conservation Movements Steven D'Avria Photograph%20Example Spring 2008
TB Research Perspectives Carl Glenn Children_with_TB_at_Bellevue.jpg Spring 2009
Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Photograph Collection Katie Kashmiry image_preview Spring 2009
Roman Vishniac Archive Joanna Steinberg vishniac-101-1974.jpg Spring 2009
Urbanization of Manhattan's Upper West Side Shanley Peterson UWS031-NewYorkAnsonia1909.jpg Spring 2010
Vice Admiralty Court of the Province of New York Sarah Hodge 096.jpg Spring 2010
The Wars of the Roses Meredith Gramann yorktudorroses.jpg Spring 2008
Yippies in NYC Tracy Bunting YippieEphemera_001.jpg Spring 2008
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