Project Description And Selection

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman are best known as anarchists who helped to propel labor movements within the US and abroad. In addition to there labor activism, both were fierce opponents of conscription during World War I. The New York University Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman Paper Project aims to highlight the couple's involvement in the No Conscription League as well as the couple's case against deportation. These documents have been archived but have never been made available in microfilm or digitized. The site will contain the legal and personal documents surrounding Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman's case as well anecdotal correspondences between the two. The aim of the site will be to highlight a specific but under-documented time in Goldman and Berkman's careers.

The main collection being used, the Alexander Berkman Papers, is 0.5 linear feet, a total of one box. It contains mainly legal documents and transcriptions of court proceedings. Additionally there are drafts of speeches as well as corresponding correspondences. The collection is in good shape, contains mostly typed manuscripts; scanning these documents would not pose any significant hardship. In addition, the Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman Papers will look to the Emma Goldman Papers. The Goldman collection is 2.75 linear feet, a total of six boxes. Only related materials that highlight the deportation case against Goldman and Berkman will be used as well as correspondence between the two. It is important to provide a context to the viewer of the deep and intimate relationship between Goldman and Berkman and using their personal correspondences will allow this.

As this period in Goldman and Berkman's lives has not been documented for public viewing, this project will add value and context to the existing scholarship. The materials available will be beneficial for scholars and students alike. Since there is not an overwhelming amount of documents to be processed and digitized time and money can be put forth for exhibit and interpretive work that will allow for greater analysis and also a broader audience.

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