Philo Tagging Guidlines

To ensure the accessibility and clarity of the digitized materials, I will present both images and transcriptions of the Philolexian records to supplement the contextual information, timeline and other supporting text that appears throughout the website. The collection contains several decorative items, such as dinner place-cards or anniversary memento cards, which do not contain any text or may only have a word or two in a very large and legible font. Those images will appear as well with a brief description of the design if deemed relevant to understanding the Society’s history, but more detailed descriptions of these images will not be prioritized in the preliminary stages of the project.

Images will be presented in the TEI format, and each image will contains information regarding the title, creator, document type, date, and source, as well as a set of index terms that will link documents and images. For geographical and historical issues, the Library of Congress subject headings will serve as an initial guide for organization, but new headings will be made as needed to provide detail.User searches which contain new search words or tags added by users will be integrated into available search lists.

As one of the primary objectives is to encourage and facilitate further research into Philo’s history, the metadata will link to biographical information for all documents, whether type- or hand-written.

The transcriptions will link to scanned images, and the user will have the option of clicking on the original version, which will not have been corrected, edited or contain any format amendations, or a corrected version of the image which will include grammatical corrections and educated guesses for illegible words.

Document category Correspondence
Source The Philolexian Society, 1811-1995, Box 3, Folder 5
Title Records of the Philolexian Society 1811-1995
Author The Philolexian Society
Date 1830
Repository University Archives-Columbiana Library
Copyright University Archives, Columbia University in the City of New York.
Selected Image
Title Letter to Faculty
Index (names, organizations, topics, places, document type etc. – any potential search term) official, secretary, president, letter, trustees, Columbia University
Image Link to image file
Additional Info TBD
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