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[When the digital collection is initially launched, the images will first be available, as the user navigates the website, as small JPEGs, as the collection will be stored and maintained on a Columbia University server.

Presently, I envision the potential users of the site as primarily interested in viewing images of the Philo records and accessing contextual information about them. For example, (especially as the site will use the finding aid as a platform for encouraging more extensive alumni interest and support in all Philo activities, clearly presenting the names of the individuals involved in creating and maintaining the records which are digitized, it is integral to the website’s mission that the scanned documents are also OCR’ed so that the relevant information can appear in a smaller box alongside the document both when it is initially presented as a thumbnail and also if the user opts to click on the image for a higher-resolution version.

If the document was created by or contains the name and/or signature of a prominent individual, then the name will be highlighted in blue and underlined (so it will resemble a familiar hyperlink), indicating to the user that clicking on the name will lead them to more information concerning that individual elsewhere on the site and throughout the digital collection.]

~The Archives of the Philolexian Society of Columbia University~

The Philolexian Society Digital Archives Site Index

Currently, I envision a rough outline of the site index containing three general categories:

-About the Philolexian Society

  • Timeline
  • History
  • Constitution
  • Flag
  • Anthem
  • Famous Members
  • Relationship with Columbia University
  • Relationship with other college literary societies
  • Press (*sub-divided into decades (e.g. 1802-1865, 1910-1934, “The Lost Years,” 1950-1964, “The Resurgence: 1985—Present”)

-Finding Aid (*containing internal links to images, metadata, background, and historical contextualization of Philo records*)

-Site Map
-Search the Site (*includes drop-down menu with following search parameter options: Record Type, Date, Date Range, Individual’s Last Name, Individual’s First Name, Organization Name)
-Site Requirements
-Document Archive

-Contact the webmaster
-Contact the Philo Collection

  • Interested in learning more about Philo? (*link will open up email to Philolexian board list)
  • Are you a Philolexian alum? Click here* to receive news about and events sponsored by the society (*link will open up email to Philolexian board list/perhaps to to-be-named alumni coordinator)

-Sign Guestbook
-View Guestbook
-Interested in Volunteering with the Philolexian Digital Collection?

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