Irish Independence Pamphlet Collection Project Summary

The Irish Independence Pamphlet Collection is a new digital project that will use material from the Archives of Irish America Pamphlet Collection to attempt to open new historical dialogue on the events leading up to, surrounding, and resulting from the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.

The 1916 Easter Rising was an event that resulted from several Irish nationalist groups working together to protest British rule in Ireland. While the Rising itself was quickly squashed, and the leaders executed, it opened the door to the eventual establishment of the Irish Free State and the partition of Northern Ireland. The events surrounding the Easter Rising and its aftermath remain contentious in Ireland, England, and the Irish diaspora to this day. Much of the scholarly and popular work produced around this topic have some bias inherent in them. The goal of this site is to present new documents, many of which are rare and seen by only a few people, in a neutral setting, that will hopefully allow users to engage with and produce new work on the events of this time.

There will be 40 pamphlets digitized in the collection. Scans of the pamphlets will be presented alongside transcriptions of the text of the pamphlets. The text will be TEI encoded, to allow users to get greater mileage out of the information contained in them. In addition to the pamphlets and the text, there will also be brief descriptions of the events, people, places, and organizations mentioned in and vital to an understanding of the texts. Additionally, there will also be a timeline, which will place the pamphlets in the larger context of the events in Ireland, Britain, and the wider world.

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