Example of image and display are visible at the following link [http://www.aphdigital.org/users/cm18/omeka/admin/items/show/30].

A developer will be used to alter the Omeka display somewhat—for example, the item will be described as "gravestone" rather than person. Additionally, a category under geographic information will be edited to allow "local residence(s)" to be added. A field for the condition of the gravestone will also be entered, allowing the notes documenting legibility and damage to be added.

Tagging will attempt to reflect prominent local families, and families will be identified with a capitalized first name and a lowercase family. Other categories connected to the exhibits section will also have tags, including "children", "whaling and shipping", and "artistic imagery." Another series of tags will reflect the type of stone used, "sandstone," "marble", "field stone", "slate," etc.

Links will be added as the public provides them and they are verified to connect current homes to the interred. For example, the Osborn Family lived at 20 Union St. and later at 93 Madison St. and both of these houses still stand, so GIS information linking to these houses will be connected.

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