NYU Architecture - Tagging Guidelines

Although the main purpose of the NYU Architecture project is geared towards presenting a historical narrative of the building additions that were added to the Washington Square Campus in the 1960s, proper tagging for the various documents will be crucial for effective search capabilities. In this digital edition I will provide access to a wide range of documents including correspondence, photographs, blueprints, sketches/drawings, and newspaper articles.

Images, including photographs, blueprints, and sketches will be presented in TEI format as to be compatible with both xml and html tagging. Title, creator, date, and source information will always be presented. In the case of blueprints and sketches it will be necessary to provide medium details, and in some cases the architect firm involved. When no specific title is available the project team will come up with an appropriate one. If some images are taken from a larger publication (ex. Brochure) that information will be also be tagged, along with the corresponding title, creator, date and source information.

Bobst Library provides an interesting problem as many times the library is referred to as University Library before the official name was established. In this case the title will be tagged as both Bobst and University Library to provide the most effective search possible. When possible Library of Congress headings will be used for historical and geographical locations, but new headings will be made as needed to provide for detail.

Correspondence comprises the only texts that will potentially need to be transcribed and encoded. Most of the documents are typed so transcription will not be necessary. In the event of a handwritten document the writing will be transcribed. All necessary transcriptions will be exact and will not deviate from the text. Although transcription will not be needed in most cases, correspondence and newspaper articles will still need to be tagged in order to make the documents searchable. The goals of tagging are
- to allow searching on names, locations, organizations and addresses and to allow when necessary a normalized value for any unclear usage. Images/ documents will be reviewed by the project team and collectively they will decide what terms/ subjects will need to be tagged.
- To corrected any misspellings and to provide the full names for any abbreviations. This will most likely not be a prominent issue in the selection of scanned documents for this project, but still should be a concern of the project manager.
- Finally to create subject categories that can group documents by type, address, subject, building, publication and date.

Documents that come from the same publication (ex. Brochure) will be linked to allow users to go back and view the publication in its proper order. However in some cases entire publications will not be scanned which will need to be noted as well.

Tags for images/ blueprints/ sketches will be crucial for provided easy search capability. Below is a sample structure for an original sketch from the Roberto Collection.

Document category Sketches/ Drawing
Source Roberto Collection RG 11.4, Box 11, Folder 18
Title Records of theOffice of the University Architect/ Joseph J. Roberto Collection
Author Joseph Roberto, NYU
Date 1964-1972, here date range of entire collection will be provided
Repository NYU- University Archives
Copyright NYU, link to University Archives website. If images come from any other repository that will noted along with a link to the appropriate site.
Selected Image
Title Bobst/ University Library - b/w, hand-drawn sketch, the title for individual images will be generated by project team
Index (names, organizations, topics, places, document type etc. – any potential search term Bobst Library, University Library, Washington Square Campus, Joseph Roberto, University Architect, 77 Washington Square So. Sketch, Drawing, Greenwich Village, Development
Image Link to image file
Additional Info Project team will add any other information deemed necessary here
Place Bobst/ University Library
Date n.d. ca. 1973- approx. dates will be added by curator when not available
Origin Joseph Roberto, Office of the University Architecte, NYU
Paragraphs Black and white, hand-drawn ink sketch of Bobst Library done by Joseph Roberto. Front view of library
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