Metadata and Added Value Essay

For your draft essay, please cover the following:


  • What metadata standards will you employ on your site and why? Provide a list of the metadata fields that you will use. For your final proposal, you should provide an example with the fields filled in.
  • Produce a dummy search screen or description that lays out how the user will be able to manipulate your metadata to locate information. You can base your ideas on a sample I’ve shown here today or on another site, but what you need to define is what criteria will be searchable.
  • If you want people to search by different types of documents using a drop down box, you need to have a tag identified that can provide that information.
  • If you are going to use Library of Congress headings for your documents, please take the time to actually consult the site with the LCSH terms and make sure that they contain enough detail for your needs. If they don’t, determine how you will extend them.
  • If searchability is not an important feature of your site, explain how you are going to help users locate material on the site. If it is going to be a highly controlled exhibit where once you enter all you can do is “next,” or “previous,” explain how that is going to serve your target audience, and defend the practice from that standpoint.

Added Value

What other kinds of information will you provide on your site? Describe the use of:

  • introductions
  • essays
  • biographical sketches
  • timelines
  • maps
  • and other content

Describe how they will expand on your reader’s understanding of the documents or create new ways of linking documents. For your final proposal, you will want to provide an example of these things, a few entries on a timeline, a sample biographical sketch, etc.

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