Tagging Guidelines

(Relevant) Document Analysis Questions

Who is the primary audience? Do they have special needs that will need to be represented?
The two primary audiences are scholars of maritime history and the community of maritime history enthusiasts. The former group is small and demanding in their requirements for accuracy. The latter group is quite large and diverse. Scholars will need precision and reliability, while probably preferring depth to breadth. The needs for enthusiasts vary enormously, but two of the larger groups are model makers and wargamers.

What functions do you want to provide for your audience; what kinds of searching? What kinds of navigation?
As well as providing access to the blueprints, this project will provide significant added value, including a technical glossary, biographies of designers, and vessel histories. Users will be able to search using a free text search, as well as filters for most fields, which use a controlled vocabulary. The distinction between browsing and searching will be minimal, as they will use the same methods.

For examples see [http://www.aphdigital.org/users/cm18/omeka/admin/items/show/id/33]
NOTE: For reasons that are unclear to me, Omeka does not appear to actually show the metadata for individual files in the public view. In this case, the "item" is actually the vessel, while the files are the individual blueprints or supplemental images.

The mapping works as follows (a few obvious mappings have been excluded)

By Vessel (Item)

Vessel Name(s): Title
Type of Vessel: Subject
Designer(s) of Vessel: Creator
Builder(s) of Vessel: Creator
Contractor(s): Creator
Service Dates of Vessel: Date
Vessel History: Description
Related Records on Website: Relation
Related Records at Repository: Relation

By Blueprint/Supplemental Image (File)

Type of Blueprint/Supplemental Image: Type
Date(s): Date
Author(s): Creator
Physical Dimensions: Format
Scale of Blueprint: Format
Vessel Dimensions (Blueprint only): Description
Vessel Tonnage (Blueprint only): Description

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