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    • Brief intro. Links to Browse Collection, Search Collection, About, Additional Resources.
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    • Browse by type of ship, type of plan, period, contributing repository, artist, and/or builder (using filters to allow multiple limiters). Links to Search Collection, Series (or Items), Homepage.
  • Search Collection
    • Search by keyword, ship name, builder, contributing repository, year, artist, or type of ship. Advanced search allows multiple fields. Search results have a sidebar to use the same filters in the browsing function. Links to Browse Collection, Series, Item, Homepage.
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    • Possibly. Links to Browse Collection, Search Collection, Item.
  • Item
    • Item listing. Catalogue entry (style TBD), thumbnail of image (clickable for standard size image), links to larger size images, thumbnails of additional material. Links to Browse Collection, Search Collection, Series.
  • About
    • Mission statement. Links to History, Staff, Rights Information, Participating Institutions, Contact Info, How to Help, Homepage.
  • History
    • Brief history of the project. Links to About, Homepage.
  • Staff
    • Brief bios of staff and their duties, contact information for all of them. Links to About, Homepage.
  • Rights Information
    • May be incorporated into some other page. Links to About, Homepage.
  • Participating Institutions
    • List and brief descriptions of participating institutions (contributors, funders etc.), as well as links to their webpages. Links to About, Homepage.
  • Contact Info
    • Contact information for various problems or questions. Overlaps with Staff page and is mainly there to catch people who might not think to check the staff page for contact information. Links to About, Homepage.
  • How to Help
    • Information on how people can help with the project. Links to About, Homepage.
  • Additional Resources
    • Bibliography and links to related and/or useful resources in print and online. Links to Homepage.


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