Three Possible Funding Sources

  • Marine Society of the City of New York
    • Gives primarily on East Coast, particularly New York
    • The first listed purpose of the foundation is to give "to improve maritime knowledge"
    • The fields of interest include Education and Marine Science
    • They provide general operating support
    • In 2008 they provided $153,760 in grants
  • Cruise Industry Charitable Foundation, Inc
    • Gives nationally, primarily where cruise ships operate
    • Fields of interest include Marine Science and Transportation
    • In 2007 they provided $1,487,878 for grants
    • Although this foundation usually funds charity work, the relevance of a project that could provide good press for their industry may be appealing
  • The Link Foundation
    • Gives primarily in Florida and New York
    • Fields of interest include Engineering/technology and Marine Science
    • Between 7/1/2008 and 6/30/2009 they provided $435,325 in grants
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