Project Management and Workflow Essay

For this essay, draft a few paragraphs on the organization and management of your project;


  • What staff positions will you need to fill? What are the qualifications for the positions and how many hours will they devote to the project?
  • What are the responsibilities of the staff, who does each of the tasks?
  • Will you have an advisory board?

Institutional Relations

  • What kind of organizational support do you foresee for the project? Will the host archive or museum provide space, staff, equipment, or other resources?
  • What is the relationship between the project and the institution? Does the project need the approval of the institution?


  • How will documents being treated as image, video, or text, be processed by the project?
  • What steps do you have to perform to get the document published on the site, and who will do them?
  • How do you plan to adhere to professional standards and ensure quality?

Don’t worry too much about budgets and salaries yet—we will discuss that later in the semester.

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