Locust Grove Value Added Features

The following value added features will be developed to enhance visitors' experiences and make the diaries more accessible.

Transcriptions: Initially, selected diary entries will be fully transcribed and tagged with XML.

Annotations: Diary entries will be annotated with information on people, events and places mentioned.

Timeline: This would incorporate Young family events, local Hudson Valley and New York State events, and relevant U.S. and international affairs. Events would be linked to pertinent diary entries.

Family Tree: Starting with the nine Young family diarists, the family tree would also include other individuals mentioned in the diaries. Entries would be linked to any biographical entries and annotations.

Biographies: Full biographies of the diarists with abridged bio entries for other family members and individuals will be prepared as appropriate. These would not include entries for well-known persons that would be easily covered by basic Internet searches. However, short passages on historically significant people would be drafted to place them in relation to the Young family, as necessary. Biographical entries would be linked to the family tree and diary annotations as appropriate.

Glossary: An alphabetically arranged glossary would be composed of relevant terms, events and places that are not common or covered by simple Internet searches. These short entries would also be linked to diary annotations.

Family Stories: In the initial phase of the project, 3-5 family narratives will be constructed, placing the diaries within the larger context of the events they detail. These narratives will incorporate digital images from other parts of Locust Grove’s collections, local newspaper accounts, and outside collections, as appropriate.

Education Resources: In the initial phase of the project, 2-3 basic lesson plans based on the diaries will be developed that will support the aims of the New York State Regents exam on U.S. history. Material will also be prepared linking the diaries to the annual National History Day theme.

Web 2.0: Site visitors will be permitted to tag diary entries as well as assist in adding transcriptions. Users will also be able to provide feedback and input to the diary content.

Today in History: A "Today in Locust Grove History" application will be developed for the homepage so visitors to the site will have an immediate glimpse into the contents of the diaries.

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