Locust Grove Tagging Guidelines

The diary entries will be encoded using TEI standards and XML elements to ensure the long-term management and use of the electronic textual resources. TEI will be used, as opposed to other metadata standards, to allow greater flexibility in encoding diary entries that are just uploaded as images, as well as those that include full transcriptions. Furthermore, given the dimensions of the diaries, two to four entries can be scanned as a single image, thereby achieving a certain economy. Using TEI to encode the images will permit the separate entries to be encoded with distinct metadata in a single XML file.

At a basic level, images of all diary entries will be encoded using the schema for the TEI header as set forth below. The keyword and date elements in the header will permit entries to be retrieved via simple searches. For entires that are not transcribed, keywords will reflect the content of the entries to facilitate search and retrieval, as well as browsing functions.

For entries that are transcribed, people, events, objects, and places will be encoded and linked to added value text elsewhere on the site, such as biographies and annotations. For elements that are undefined at the time of encoding, a placeholder value will be used. Handwritten elements such as cross-outs, misspellings or illegible words will not be encoded since the transcriptions' primary purpose is to offer a faithful rendering of the content of the diaries and not replicate it exactly. Visitors to the site who are interested in such handwritten elements will be able to refer to the scanned images and zoom in as necessary. Also the diary elements noting the weather will also not be encoded, as they will not transcribed. The ultimate goal of encoding the text will be to permit students and general researchers access to the content of the diaries in a flexible, practical way.

I. File Description <fileDesc>
a. Title Statement <titleStmt>
i. Title <title>
ii. Editor <editor>
b. Publication Statement 

i. Authority <authority>
ii. Place of publication
iii. Copyright information <availability>

iv. Date uploaded <date>
v. Source Description 

II. Encoding Description
a. Project Description
b. Editorial Declaration <editorialDecl>

c. Sampling Declaration <samplingDecl>

III. Profile Description <profileDesc>

a. Date created <creation><date>
b. Keywords <keywords><term> [to include people, places, subjects/topics, events, etc.]

IV. Revision Description <revisionDesc>

a. Who and when changes/updates are made <change who="" when="”>

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