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Visitors to the site will be able to search and browse the diaries using a variety of interfaces in order to maximize the diaries' utility. From the search screen, users will be able to search across a variety of indexed terms including: author, date of diary entry, topics/subjects, people, places and events mentioned in entries. Full-text keyword searching will be possible, but this will only search any annotations or transcriptions that are prepared. Users will also be able to search within search results, as well as to search by the date when material, annotations or transcriptions are added or updated. Users will be able to sort search results by diary entry date, author and relevance. Index terms will be based on the Library of Congress headings in the first instance. However, terms will be modified and edited to address levels of specificity unique to the history of the Young family and the local region not adequately addressed by the Library of Congress system. Browsing will be possible by author and year to enable users to read the diaries as if they were using the originals. Tags will also enable visitors to browse diary entries. Tags will be less formal and less regulated than the index terms. Furthermore, the public will be able to apply their own tags. Metadata for searching diary entries and browsing whole volumes will be as outlined below.

Metadata for complex searches:

Author: Drop-down list of the nine Young family members.

Date: Date search [MM/DD/YYYY] will permit retrieving specific days or a range of dates.

Topic/Subject Index: Drop-down list with look-ahead typing based on a controlled authority table.

Person Index: Drop-down list with look-ahead typing based on a controlled authority table.

Place Index: Drop-down list with look-ahead typing based on a controlled authority table.

Keyword: Text search box. This option would only search diary entries that have been transcribed and diary annotations.

Search Results: The ability to search within search results will be enabled.

Updated/Added Date: Date search box [MM/DD/YYYY] to enable users to narrow their searches by when material was added or updated.

Browse Options:

Author and Year: Using drop down menus, visitors can browse complete diaries by author and year. The presentation of the diaries will simulate reading the hard copy volume.

Tags: Entries will be tagged with general subjects to permit browsing. These tags will be less formal and ultimately more diverse than the subject/topic headings. Visitors to the site will be allowed to add tags. The "most popular" tags would be displayed on the site's homepage, with a link to a separate page displaying all available tags.

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