Locust Grove Innis Young Sample

Friday, September 6, 1901

A.M. I read my "New England"; it's changed hands & deteriorated. Grandpapa called a.m. Aunt Mollie did too.

Mama & Miss Watson went out a.m.

P.M. I read two stories in the "Strand" & played blocks.

President McKinley shot twice in chest & stomach but he may recover. We were much excited it happened at 4 and we heard it at 6. I showed Miss Watson my photos


Saturday, September 14, 1901

President McKinley died at 2:15 a.m.

I have granualted eyelids. Found it out a.m.; cried about it! [unknown words]

Mamma had a Whist practice. Mrs. Van Cleef, Anna Ward, Rebecca Jewitt. They played on the piazza shady [illegible] afternoon.

Grandmama played backgammon with me and told me about this painting [illegible].

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