Locust Grove Site Index

Site Index

An outline of site content includes the following:

Home - would provide a general welcome message, as well as a "This Day at Locust Grove" entry from the diaries.

The Diaries - general history as well as main search and browse interface.
Biographies - of the diarists, other Young family members, and other individuals annotated in the diary entries. Would link to the diaries themselves.
Family Tree - entries would link to diaries entries in which the family member was mentioned.
Family Stories - a number of narratives would be developed based on the diaries and highlighting regional, state and U.S. history.

Timeline - would overlay Young family history with regional, state and national events. Entries would link to the diaries.
Education Resources - lesson plans and National History Day themes.
External Resources- links to other websites.

Tag Cloud - would display all tags, while the home page would list the most popular dozen

About the project - provide background and rationale for the project, as well as technical specifications for digitization
Credits - provide list of institutions, individuals, and funding sources involved in the project

For a more detailed concept of the site, please visit a mock test site that has been established.

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