Locust Grove Hasbrouck Innis Sample

Friday, September 6, 1901

Nice day, very warm.

At mill all day.

Got a new front tire for my bicycle at Bauer's, Aunt Laura gave it to me.

GEorge Polk & I went to Locust grove 7 p.m. to report about dinning table we saw at Guilford & played billiards. I played better.

President McKinley was shot by an anarchists at the Buffalo World's Fair at 4 p.m.

Dory with great difficulty got $47.00 from Alex Hasbrouck from sale of wagons.


Saturday September 14, 1901

Elegant day, one of the year's best.

At mill all day, against my will

Dr. Hasbrouck came to see Aunt Laura, showed him the large peach tree full of big peaches & some of Roe's grapes, we sent two crates with Amos.

Aunt Laura took Mrs. Foster up to the former Stuyvestant Place in Scott's rig.

President McKinley died 2 a.m.

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