Locust Grove Encoded Text Sample

Below is a sample encoded text based on Annette Innis Young's diary entry for February 16, 1898.

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<title>1898 Diary of Annette Innis Young, Locust Grove Diaries</title>
<editor>Dennis Riley</editor>
<authority>Locust Grove Diary Project</authority>
<pubPlace>Locust Grove,Poughkeepsie, NY</pubPlace>
<p>Copyright for material authored after 1923 held by Locust Grove.</p>
<date when="2011-03-29">Uploaded March 29, 2011</date>
<p>Diary of Annette Innis Young, 1898 from the Papers of Annette Innis Young held in the
archives of Locust Grove, Poughkeepsie, NY.</p>
<p>Encoded entries of Annette Innis Young's diaries, identifying people, places, topics, and
linked to visual materials.</p>
<ab>Texts have been transcribed and tagged for places, persons, organizations, time, and
<ab>All known entries will be included.</ab>
<creation><date when="1898-02-16">February 16, 1898</date></creation>
<keywords scheme="LG index terms">
<term>U.S.S. Maine (Battleship)</term>
<term>Havana, Cuba</term>
<term>Spanish-American War</term>
<term>McKinley, William</term>
<term>Cleveland, Grover</term>
<change who="DRR" when="2011-03-29">Encoded transcription.</change>


<graphic url="100_9635.JPG"/>
<figDesc>Annette Innis Young diary entry for February 16, 1898</figDesc>
<p><name type="person" sameAs="XXX">Monsieur</name> came, p.m. <name type="object"
sameAs="U.S.S. Maine (Battleship)">"The State of Maine,"</name> warship U.S.A. lying in
<name type="place" sameAs="Havana, Cuba">Havana harbor, Cuba,</name> has been blown up.
100 people are rumored to be done for. We suspect the Spaniards as they have written
dreadfully insulting things of our Government; that <name type="person"
sameAs="McKinley, William">McKinley</name> is a jingo, &amp; no good, &amp; all that rot.
I should feel very badly if a war came on. I wish it might be settled by "arbitration." I
don't think we could stand a <name type="event" sameAs="Spanish-American War">war</name>
very well after being under <name type="person" sameAs="Cleveland, Grover">Grover
Cleveland</name> for 4 years. We sang "4 years more of Grover" with great gusto till last
March. But the Spaniards need annihilating anyhow. There are more awful accounts of their
cruelty to the Cubans in the papers.</p>

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