Locust Grove Annette Innis Young Sample 4

Monday, November 11, 1918

The armistice between the Allies & Germany was consummated, a.m. early & at 11 a.m. the firing ceased. The news reached here at 3 a.m. & beginning then the bells rang off & on all day, & people walked in procession through the streets; all stores closed. The terms imposed by the Allies are the most severe ever given to a fallen foe.

I went to town with Lorraine & Fancy & Samuel, a.m. I also begain taking care of Lorraine myself!

Went over to Browns late p.m., & Dr. & Mrs. Dobson called here in evening.

Miller's young cattle here in evening, frightened Mamma very much. Innis sent me a radium clock from TIffany for a present.

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