Jersey City 1910

Project Director: Adina Langer

Source of Materials: Jersey City Free Public Library New Jersey Room Special Collections including newspapers, periodicals, photographs, postcards, maps and ephemera; Jersey City Municipal Archives court records; 1910 Federal Census; Jersey City Directory; and others.


This site will provide an interpretive window into a significant moment in Jersey City's history. In 1910, Jersey City's oldest neighborhood, the newly incorporated Dutch settlement of Bergen, celebrated its 250th anniversary. At the same time the rest of the city began to experience rapid residential and industrial growth. With growth and prosperity came social stratification and cultural tensions. By focusing deeply on historical resources associated with a single year in the life of a city, this site aims to provide a template for detailed categorization and visualization of historical data, intensifying the visitor's understanding of the interaction among social, economic, environmental and cultural factors at any given moment in a city's history.

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