Irish Pamphlets Site Index
  • Home Page
    • This page would feature the image of a pamphlet from the collection, which would rotate on a random basis, so that each time you opened the site a different image would appear. This image would appear on the right half of the screen.
    • On the left half of the screen would be a brief introduction to the site, explaining to the user what they could expect to find as they navigate through the digital collection.
    • The title of the site and a navigation bar would run along the top of the page. These items would stay the same no matter what page in the site you were on. The navigation bar would include the following:
      1. Pamphlets
      2. Historical Context
      3. Biographies
      4. Timeline
      5. Search
      6. About the Site
  • Pamphlets
    • This section would contain the bulk of the digital collection. I think that it is important to have the actual pamphlets themselves scanned, so that users can see them in the actual form in which they were created. However, in order for people to actually use the sight, having searchable text is also important. I think that a setup where the image of the pamphlet is the main focus, but the searchable text is located either under or to the side of the pamphlet would be helpful here.
    • I think that the main page of the Pamphlets section would give you a chronological list of all of the pamphlets in the collection, but would allow you to resort the list by author or topic.
  • Historical Context
    • These pamphlets deal with a somewhat contentious moment in history, but I think it is important to give a non-partisan context for the pamphlet's creation for a user that comes to the site without a lot of background. It might be helpful here to do something like the Civil War website we looked at last semester, which presents the conflict from both sides. This site could include a British and Irish viewpoint, and maybe even one that could speak for the Irish diaspora.
  • Biographies
    • This page would have an alphabetical list of all of the major persons referenced and responsible for creating the pamphlets in the collection. Within each biography would be links to the pamphlets involving that person.
  • Timeline
    • This would be a timeline that places the creation of the pamphlets and the events mentioned in them in the larger context of the events of the British/Irish conflict and the Irish civil war. There would be links in the timeline to pamphlets relevant to each event.
  • Search
    • The search on this website would allow people to narrow their search to just the pamphlets, or search the text of the entire site. It would allow people to narrow the date range of their search of the pamphlets, or to search within the different pamphlet topic areas.
  • About the Site
    • This site would include information about the Archives of Irish America, where the collection was pulled from, information about the larger collection these pamphlets were taken from, and would provide a rationale for what pamphlets were chosen for this particular project. It would contain a contact section.
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