Irish Pamphlets Metadata & Added Value


Administrative Metadata Fields (These will not be displayed to website user)

  • Unique ID Number
  • Date Digitized
  • Digitizer

Descriptive Metadata Fields (Based on Dublin Core)

  • Pamphlet Title
  • Pamphlet Date
  • Pamphlet Author
  • Pamphlet Publisher (if published)
  • Publication Location
  • LOC Subject Headings
  • Format
  • Rights
  • Language

The metadata will be searchable by title, author, date, and subject headings. In addition to the Dublin Core items listed above, the items in the collection will also be tagged. There will be a set list of tags that can be used on the items to try to establish consistency. Users will be able to see a drop down list of the tags used on the items, and will be able to sort by those tags.

The description field of the metadata will probably be the most challenging to fill out. As these are political pamphlets, and the goal of the website is to present the pamphlets to the user without commentary on the actual politics, keeping the description free of political bias will be difficult.

Added Value

As previously discussed, the website will also provide brief biographies of the authors and major figures discussed in the pamphlets. There will be links that will take the user from the pamphlet itself to the bios of the people involved with that particular pamphlet.

Additionally, there will be a timeline on the site that will place the pamphlets in historical context, both with each other, and with the major Irish political and social events that were going on at the time.

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