Irish Pamphlets Funding Sources

Foundation 1: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

One foundation that could be a potential source of funding for the Irish Pamphlets project is the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; specifically, the Scholarly Communications and Information Technology program. The Foundation Center's website lists the three main goals of the program: (1) to support libraries and archives in their efforts to preserve and provide access to materials of broad cultural and scholarly significance; (2) to assist scholars in the development of specialized resources that promise to open or advance fields of study in the humanities and humanistic social sciences; and (3) to strengthen the publication of humanistic scholarship and its dissemination to the widest possible audience. I think that the argument could be made for the Irish Pamphlet project to fit into each of these three areas. (1) The material in the collection is of interest to many groups (scholars, students, general interest) in many different areas (England, Ireland, the Irish diaspora). Much of the material has not been published before, and digitizing the material would allow for much broader awareness and wider use of documents. (2) The sources in the collection are extremely specialized. While parts of the collection may be available in hard copy elsewhere, a concentrated, digitized collection like the one here is not like any other resource available. And (3) the digitization of the material, which is what we are looking to get funded, will allow the most people possible to access this.

Foundation 2: J. Paul Getty Trust

The second foundation I would approach for funding is the J. Paul Getty Trust's Access to Museum Collections program. The goal of this program is to "increase access to significant museum and archival collections, with an emphasis on digital access." As discussed above, and in other places on this site, the Irish Pamphlets collection is a significant one because of the total collection of materials—no where else are materials of this subject matter grouped together in a cohesive collection. The sole goal of the project is to allow digital access, which would appeal to the Getty. Additionally, the Getty Trust has a history of giving to both archives and libraries in Ireland, and this subject matter would fit in.

Foundation 3: Culture Ireland: Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

I would also try to apply for a grant from within Ireland, specifically from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, which is sort of like the Irish equivalent of the NEH. The department funds the National Archives and the National Library of Ireland, as well as many smaller programs. These "Culture Ireland" grants are for the promotion of the Irish arts worldwide. There isn't really a more specific description of the guidelines for this grant, and, clicking through it, the application looks really straightforward. I would make the argument that the pamphlets, and the written prose contained therein, are a prime example of the art of using the written word to bring support to your cause, and that the digitization and wider dissemination of the information in the pamphlets would further the cause of Irish culture.

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